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Sovereign Risk Analysis

With 20 years of experience in sovereign risk, Opportunities focuses on key risk sensitivities in emerging and frontier markets with an eye to uncovering fixed income and equity investment opportunities.

Global Macro Analysis

Opportunities helps shape clients' investment perspectives in the context of global macro and political developments.

Acquire EXCLUSIVE knowledge ahead of the pack

Recent and Upcoming Events

  • North and South Korea Conference Call, September 18
  • Syria and ME Conference Call, September 19
  • German Elections Conference Call, September 23
  • Puerto Rico Trip, November 12-13​ 
  • Puerto Rico Trip, February 26-7
  • New Europe Trip, May 19-23-- Serbia, Romania, Hungary
  • Israel and Turkey Trip, July 2014
  • Eurozone Trip, TBS
  • India Trip​, TBS

Latest Research

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Bangladesh Macro Update, 10/2013

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